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Dubigeon Body and Coach

Dubigeon Body and Coach is a bus manufacturing company, which was established over 59 years ago. It is 100% owned by the Larimar Group and currently employs over 138 employees.

One of Dubigeon's main focus points is safety and thus we pride ourselves on being compliant to South African and International standards.

Why Buy Dubigeon Products? - With High Value - Comes High Level Of Warranty

Two years or 100 000 kilometers, warranty covering corrosion and fatigue damage

Paintwork and GRP components carries six (6) months warranty

All glazing carries a six (6) months warranty which covers stress cracks and leaks

All wiring lights have three (3) months warranty

Interior (including fittings)    
Interior inclusive of seating, floor covering and panelling is covered with a one (1) year warranty


Why Use Dubigeon to Manufacture Your Product?

  • 95% of raw materials and components used in the manufacture of the Dubigeon body are locally produced

  • 100% parts availability due to local development and production of the body

  • Established accidents facility catering for an express repair service capable of restoring the vehicle to original homologation conditions

  • Unique construction methods making use of several sub-assemblies that permit Simple accident repairs

  • Interior noise levels below 80DB

  • Dust and water leak resistant

  • Proven track record of building buses designed for operating in arduous conditions for an excess of 1,000,000 kilometers

  • Quick boarding and alighting of passengers due to extra wide passenger door

  • Robust and corrosion resistance structure

Dubigeon unveils its new Midi Bus Range at the SABOA Conference 2011

Manufacturing of New Buses Manufacturing of New Buses

Dubigeon displays the popular 80 Seater 6x2 bus at SABOA Conference 2011

Manufacturing of New Buses Manufacturing of New Buses